One-stop Solution for Document Management

One-stop Solution for Document Management

By: Cybermax Admin (RM)


Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed by a large pile of documents at work? Not to mention you have numerous layers of approval? Moreover, you work in multiple office locations? We can imagine how tiresome and time-consuming managing all that could be.

Managing and organizing a ton of workload of documents is not as modest as it sounds. People often say anyone can do it, well they are not completely wrong, but not everyone can do it properly.

Another situation that we commonly find quite tricky is document approval. Asking for approval from one manager to another is one thing, but getting their signatures for approval is quite demanding, don’t you think? We can make at least 3 lists of how challenging it could be; the manager is not in the office, forget to bring the document, the document is stained or wet, it is slipped somewhere or lost, etc. We easily make 4 lists, and it is still counting. It is not even the worst part yet; you have a due time, and it is due today! How will you manage? Well, we believe you could, but certainly it would not be easy.

With that being said, what do you think about a machine and a tool which can scan documents and create a name and list for themselves, and compile themselves into the right folders, by themselves? Then a tool which allows you to get the approvals and signatures of your managers or superiors online, no matter how many of them? And all the documents within your group can be accessed by everyone in the group anytime and anywhere?

Get ready to meet a custom solution which uniquely combines imaging science, artificial intelligence, and advanced process automation to turn clutter into clarity and data into power. A ‘One-stop Solution for Document Management.’ Moreover, it saves more time, effort, and cost.