Creating Mobile Apps without Programming Skill, Is it possible?

Creating Mobile Apps without Programming Skill, Is it possible?

By: Cybermax Admin (RM)


Nowadays, mobile device is one of the things that people always carry wherever they go. To be extremely honest, if people were locked up in a room for about 3 days, and could have picked just one thing, they would pick their mobile device. That is because they can easily do many things with that small gadget. It is small in appearance yet has big influence in our daily life, including in a work life. People can install apps related to their work so then it can help them doing their job.

However, before those apps being installed in our mobile device, first it must be created. Creating an app is not as easy as using it. In fact, it is a very tedious job, and you need someone who understands mobile programming with all its complexity, and that someone is called app developer.

Question, what if you need app that has not been created, and you are not an app developer; do you think you can create it, or you just wait for the app developer to create it?

Microsoft has the answer for it; Power Apps in Office 365 platform. It is a simple solution with SharePoint backend for creating mobile apps, where programming skill wouldn’t be that necessary.

Let’s say you have a simple app that you need to access from your mobile device, you can consider Power Apps as the tool. For example, we have created an application for reimbursement; fill in the detail, take a picture of the receipt, and submit, then you just need to wait for approval. Another example, we created an app for leave request, and just like reimbursement app, you only need to fill in the detail and submit, then wait for approval. For both applications, you can access through your mobile device.


These are just two out of unlimited apps that you can create, what is next? A booking app? Why not! 😉