Is FREE Email Platform Better?

Is FREE Email Platform Better?

By: Cybermax Admin (RM)


In this current digital era, everything needs to be instant yet spot on. We are so fortunate that we live in this era where technology is something that we can easily get; we are literally surrounded by it. For example, when we need to communicate with each other who lives in different area, people in the old time would write a letter, send it via post and wait for days for it to be received- then wait for more days to get the reply. Now, we have so many tools to do that, you name it, technology has it.

Nevertheless, for a formal communication in a professional environment, people basically use email. To have an email is not difficult, you even can create your own email for free. Who doesn’t want a free thing anyway, right? However, free thing usually comes with strings attached. The shortfalls that users generally find on a free email platform are:

  • it cannot receive a big size attachment
  • it has a limited storage, so the mailbox constantly needs to be cleaned up for more space
  • 1/3 of the mailbox consists of spam

When it happens, people usually change their provider, but it is not really a good solution because it is not solving the problem but just delaying it, and the same issues may occur again. Imagine if you do it for corporate email, don’t you think it is going to be a total chaos?

A better solution for that is to use corporate email. However, from corporate perspective, they think that using corporate email needs more cost and more effort to manage. What they don’t really know is that using corporate email is not that expensive. It comes with more features than what free platform could offer, such as:

  • Mailbox start from 50 GB
  • Anti-spam and malware
  • 25 MB email attachment
  • Configurated firewall
  • Enterprise solution which grows based on your requirement

So, would you like to try it? 😉