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IRONSCALES – A Self-Learning Email Security Platform to Proactively Fight Phishing Attacks. For both security professionals and their end users, we offer the same single platform with push-button protection, giving you simplicity and speed for accelerated visibility and control that works from the inside out to protect your organization of all types of phishing attacks, especially those that get past traditional secure email gateways.  
IRONSCALES’ multiple award-winning anti-email phishing technologies combine human intelligence with machine learning starting at the mailbox-level to prevent, detect and respond automatically to today’s sophisticated email phishing attacks that have already bypassed technical controls. 
IRONSCALES is the future of phishing protection, incubated inside the world’s top venture program for cybersecurity and founded by alumni of the Israel Defense Forces’ elite Intelligence Technology unit. We offer security professionals and end users an AI-driven, self-learning email security platform that provides a comprehensive solution to stop tomorrow’s phishing attacks today. Using the world’s most decentralized threat protection network, our platform accelerates the prevention, detection and remediation of phishing attacks already inside your email with threat removal times in seconds, not minutes or hours. We give organizations of all sizes complete anti-phishing protection against any type of phishing attack, right now.  


A mailbox-level anti-phishing solution offers an additional layer of protection by analyzing account information and understanding users’ communication habits. This delivers an enhanced level of phishing protection to detect attacks faster, alert users and remediate threats as quickly as possible. Machine learning scores sender reputation enabling a baseline for what “normal communications” with a user should look like. It can then compare correspondence and incoming messages with multiple data points to identify and learn from anomalies.
Customers now have many tools on the market to enhance their email security. The best of these use artificial intelligence and machine learning to better identify some of the suspected threats. This not only improves security but can significantly reduce the workloads of IT and security teams.
Whereas basic tools simply offer information and basic applications, automated and advanced phishing threat protection solutions can help solve the challenges that customers face. This ultimately helps the channel discuss solutions with their customers and offer an overall picture and architecture of solving the challenges that are now inherent to email security. Automated advanced phishing threat protection defends against todays and tomorrow’s threats with a system that continually learns and makes the entire organization more security conscious and aware.
As the channel is sometimes slow to move to some of the more advanced technologies, those that are fast will gain the upper hand and a competitive advantage. Merely having these conversations will automatically distinguish you from many of your competitors. It demonstrates that you have a pulse on the latest threats and an insight into how artificial intelligence and machine learning can improve the security posture, without adding more burden to them.

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Uses AI to identify email senders in real time, preventing email spoofing, impersonation and BeC attacks. Automatically checks employee inboxes to detect anomalies with unique fingerprinting technologies. Helps employees to recognize and report phishing with unique fingerprint technology.
Cloud-based email protection that protects organizations from zero-day malware and phishing websites by utilizing multiple anti-virus and sandboxing engines.
Prevents email spoofing and impersonation attacks by using machine learning to learn user patterns. This allows it to identify anomalies, and block emails sent by compromised accounts
Implements a ‘report-phish’ banner on emails and allows organizations rapid remediation against business email compromise attacks by detecting anomalies in email meta-data and removing suspicious messages.
Combines IRONSCALES’ machine learning algorithms and threat intelligence with human reports of suspicious emails across their entire network to provide protection against threat.
Security awareness training and phishing simulation to help users recognize, identify and report suspicious emails.

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